About ORION Racing

ORION Racing was founded based on a love of running and racing. We strive to create the best possible race day experience for both the runner and the race director. We have been in the race management/race timing business since 2009.

Mission Statement

ORION Racing exists to help race directors provide a professional race atmosphere and timely, accurate results. We strive for the highest moral, ethical standards in the business. We believe in having fun while we work. We believe all individuals should be treated with respect. We believe in giving back to the local community as well as the global community. We know that God is our source of strength in all we do.

Company Values

At the very center of our beliefs is an emphasis on our company culture and underlying core values.

We are Customer centric: We are passionate about our relationships with our customers. We work relentlessly to amaze our customers with quality products and service. Without customers we have no business!

We are Authentic: We make our commitments carefully and then we do what we say we will do. Integrity and honesty are expected from everyone; without that we have nothing.

We Respect each other: We encourage each other to express ourselves, but always do so with respect and humility. We treat customers and each other fairly. We are clear and direct in our communication; good news should be shared, and bad news does not get better with age.

We are Compassionate: Life is a balance, which includes family, work and community. We agree to respect each other's differences, and treat everyone with compassion and kindness. People remember acts of kindness and they will reciprocate.

We Laugh: We feel that coming into work every day should be just as enjoyable, exciting and FUN as anything else we do in life. We work together and laugh together! Life is too short to take ourselves too seriously.

We are a Team: We succeed as a team but value the individual. Success enables us to improve the lives of others. We respect every opinion and want to hear them all, but once we agree as a team we stand firm in agreement and we are committed to follow through.

We Imagine: Innovation and creative thinking are more important than playing it safe. We keep the future in mind. We insist on creativity and innovation; it is not a job limited to few.

We embrace Positive change: We challenge the status quo and look for ways to drive positive change. By embracing positive change, we strive to be a continually learning organization.

If we are all of these things, we have done the right thing and results will follow.